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Best size ball for syrian hamster

Our Recommended Best size ball for syrian hamster Reviews in 2022

Rank No. 1
Hamster Toy Hamster Accessories Guinea Pig Chew Toy Hamster Suspension Bendy Long Bridge Toy...
  • 【FUN GUINEA PIG TOYS】The guinea pig chew toys set includes 1 Long climbing ladder suspension bridge, 1 willow hamster ball toy, 1 willow branch star toy,1 bell roller, 1 pine cone, 1 unicycle and 1 apple branch molar string. Pefect rodent cage accessories.
  • 【NATURAL AND HANDMADE MOLAR TOYS】Our hamster toys are made of natural bite-resistant wood ,very safe for your small pets biting and chewing.They will enjoy a lot of time playing with these hamster toys and accessories,keep your pet friends active and healthy.
  • 【LOVELY LONG LADDER BRIDGE】:2 of flexible metal wires strung several wooden sticks into a long fun birdge.L:19.6 inch x W:2.8 inch . The long hamster hideout bridge can be bend to various shape to reach elevated area,encourage your pet friends exploration and doing exercise; can also use as a suspension bridge,climbing ladder,hamster maze,guinea pig tunnel,guinea pig hide,hamster bedding divider or hamster sand divider,good guinea pig accessories to your guinea pig house.
  • 【CUTE WILLOW HAMSTER CHEW TOY】:The very cute ball toy and the cute star toy are made of natural willow which is safe for your pet friends to chew,keep clean and healthy of their teeth.What's more,your pet friends will nudge the ball, nibble and chew the star which will relieve boredom.
  • 【APPLE WOOD MOLAR STRING】-Natural apple wood rich in fruit acid taste sweet .Very safe to chew and promote digestion and keep stomach health.No matter guinea pig ,hamster,rat,chinchilla,mouse, rabbit or bunny all love chewing bark,so the apple wood molar string and the apple wood bell roller are good add gift.
Rank No. 2
Tfwadmx Hamster Tunnel Toy Small Animal Wood Hideout Play Tube Ramp Bridge Seesaw Cage Chew Toy with...
  • Material-Made of high quality of wood ,with natural texture ,safe and durable .Natural wood will provide hamsters a natural and comfortable place to play.

  • Tunnel Tube Toy-The hamster tube toy is multi-functional,it can be a hideout toy,also can be teeth grinding toy.The hamster tube toy has multiple holes that allow the hamsters to observe the outside situation at all times, and hamsters can pass through ,let them to enjoy the fun of hiding.Proper exercise can help hamsters relieve tension and make them happier.

  • Bridge& Seesaw-The bridge can be used not only as a hamster tunnel, but also as a training ramp for the hamsters to climb.A seesaw helps a hamster train its balance.When your hamster is bored, it will be fun and colorful activity toys.

  • Roller&Pine Cone Toys-Hamsters like to chew by nature, so wooden rollers and pine balls are a good way to attract the hamster's attention.Keeping them healthy and active, and helping them play around their surroundings in a new fun way.

  • Size-Wood Tunnel:5.9’’X2.2’’,Bridge:8.6’’x3.9’’,Seesaw:7.4" x 2.7" x 1.5".Suitable for dwarf Syrian hamster sugar glider .

Rank No. 3
POPETPOP Hamster Exercise Ball,4-in-1 Multifunctional Hamster Running Ball-Hamster Mini Ball for...
  • Hamster running ball,Made of plasticand metal
  • Encourage healthy exercise in a secure and safe way.
  • For hamsters, gerbils, or other small animals.
  • Relieves boredom and increases activity level and giving your pet a fun spot to play.
  • You can put pet into the running ball, let it play freely, and provide interactive fun for pets and pet owners.
Rank No. 4
Hamster House and Hideout, Hamster Glass House Bed with Colorful Cotton Balls, Transparent and...
  • 🐹Our hamster house is made of high-strength glass, the overall shape of a water droplet, very design sense, with a hemp rope, you can put it in the corner of the cage or hang it on the cage, it is a very good cage decor and very useful
  • 🐹As we all know, hamsters like to crawl and jump, our hamster glass house can be suspended, when your hamster climbs in through the rope, it will be very happy, when you are not at home, he can play with himself in the cage
  • 🐹In summer, the glass material is very cool, you can take the cotton ball out and use it as an air-conditioned room, in winter, the cotton ball can play a role in keeping warm, you can put the cotton ball in as a warm nest to use
  • 🐹Our hamster glass house has 4 sizes, you can choose different sizes according to the size of your cute pets, the diameters of the 4 sizes are 3.14'', 4'', 4.72'', 5.9'', and the diameters are1.96‘’, 2.36'', 2.75'', 3.54''
  • 🐹According to the existing size, our hut is suitable for small hamsters, such as syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, gerbils, mice, etc
Rank No. 5
New 3 Level Sparkle Clear Transparent Syrian Hamster Mice Mouse Rat Cage with Large Top Running Ball
  • 【Completely Acrylic Clear Transparent Cage With Wire Body】 to facilitate observation and match any home decoration. Acrylic Clear Cage Allow Easy See Through the Daily Activities of Your Pet; Cage can be connected other cage together for more space.
  • 【Overall Size: L24" x W14" x 34"H 】【Cage size: L18.5 x W11.5 x H23.5 inches】 【Large 5-Levels With High Lookout Watch Tower Play Zone】
  • 【 Include Complete Set of Accessories】 4 x Acrylic Clear Shelves; 4 x Acrylic Clear Ladders, 1 x Water Bottle, Acrylic Clear Play Tube Tunnel, 1 x Clear Food Bowl, 1 x Hide House, 1 x 5-Inch Exercise Running Wheel.
  • 【Bar space: 3/8"】Prevent Escape and Stuck , 【3-Inch Deep Acrylic Clear Base】For More Playing Area. 3 Doors available: front, left and right
  • For Dwarf Syrian Hamster Habitat Rodent Gerbil Mouse Mice Rat...Small Animals Critters
SaleRank No. 6
Kaytee Run-About Ball Clear With Bonus 7 Inches
  • Encourage healthy exercise in a secure and safe way
  • Makes a great temporary holding area to keep your furry friend while you clean their home
  • 7-Inch diameter
  • Provides interactive fun for the pet and the pet owner
  • For hamsters, gerbils, or other small animals
Rank No. 7
Lee's Kritter Krawler Exercise Ball, Standard, Clear - 7-Inch
  • Ribs inside to provide better gripping power for pets
  • Designed for use by hamsters, gerbils and other small animals
  • Size: 7-inch diameter standard, clear, made of shatter-resistant plastic
  • Item Dimensions : 7.25 (L) x 6.63 (W) x 7.25 (H) Inches
SaleRank No. 8
Kaytee Run-about 7" Exercise Ball, Dazzle, Colors Vary
  • included components: Kaytee Run-about 7" Exercise Ball, Dazzle, Colors Vary
  • material type: Plastic
  • special features: Made In America
Rank No. 9
Kaytee Run-About Ball Giant Clear 11.5 Inches
  • Encourages healthy exercise in a secure and safe way
  • Makes a great temporary holding area to keep your furry friend while you clean their home
  • 11 1/2 Inch diameter
  • For pet rats and chinchillas
  • Fits perfectly with the Hamtrac raceway
Rank No. 10
Lee's Kritter Krawler Jumbo Exercise Ball, 10-Inch, Clear
  • Ribs inside to provide better gripping power for pets
  • Ideal for guinea pigs, small exotic rats, hedgehogs and chinchillas
  • Size: 10-inch diameter, made of shatter-resistant plastic

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