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Best leather stitching punch

Our Recommended Best leather stitching punch Reviews in 2022

Rank No. 1
Aiskaer White Steel 4mm 1/2/4/6 Prong DIY Diamond Lacing Stitching Chisel Set Leather Craft Kits
  • HIGH-QUALITY STEEL MANUFACTURING:Made of white steel, is durable and useful leather craft tool.100% white steel material, non-inferior stainless steel, please pay attention to identification.
  • PRODUCT PRETREATMENT:Each product surfaces are coated with a rust preventive oil before shipping, Please wipe clean before use.Polished and smooth handle is comfortable to hold,sharp rhombus tooth is helpful to punch quickly and effortlessly.
  • PRODUCT SIZE:Approx 2mm, Prong pitch:Approx 4mm.Length: 100mm,Weight: 100g
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED:1 Prong/ 2 Prong/ 4 Prong/ 6 Prong+Plastic box +Velvet bag+Instruction manual.Whether you are a beginner or expert in leather DIY production, this will be your perfect tool.
  • EXCELLENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE:If you are not satisfied with our products or there are defects in the products, please contact us in time, we will refund or exchange the goods for you unconditionally.
SaleRank No. 2
IMZAY Leather Sewing Tools, Leather Craft Hand Stitching Tools Leather Hole Punches Lacing Stitching...
  • [26Pcs Leather Working Tools] Leather tools kit includes 4pcs 4mm stitching prong punch (1 Prong/ 2 Prong/ 4 Prong/ 6 Prong), 9 rolls color waxed threads, 12pcs large-eye stitching needles and a yarn scissors, great for leather craft lovers or beginners.
  • [ 4mm Stitching Chisel] Made of white steel, the leather stitching punch is durable and useful leather craft tool.Polished and smooth handle is comfortable to hold,sharp rhombus tooth is helpful to punch quickly and effortlessly.
  • [ Hand Sewing Wax Thread] Heavy duty waxed thread made of good quality material and is very heavy duty and wax coated. So it makes tightening the stitches very easy, smooth touch. Come with 9 colors and each roll approx.55 yards, 495 yards total.
  • [ Leather Stitching Needles] This leather tool kit come with a variety of leather needles which including blunted and sharp needles in different length. The triangle penetrates into the leather, then sews and pulls the wire hard, it is not easy to widen or crack the hole of the leather.
  • [Wide application] Suitable for wallet, leather bag, backpacks, bookbinding, tents, shoes, shoes, car seat, coats, or other leather projects.
SaleRank No. 3
Weaver Leathercraft Supply Diamond Stitching Chisel Set, 5mm, Stainless Steel for Leather Craft DIY...
  • Diamond stitching chisels feature a precise, diamond shape for quick, effortless punching
  • Punch perfect holes for hand sewing and saddle stitching leather
  • Quality carbon steel construction
  • Color coded for quick size reference
  • 5 mm set includes: 2 prong, 4 prong, and six prong tools. 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm sets include: 1 prong, 2 prong, 4 prong and 6 prong tools
Rank No. 4
Leather Craft Tool Hole Punches 1+2+4+6 Prong Lacing Stitching Punch, Craft Kits (4mm)
  • Prong Pitch Size: Approx 4 mm / 0.16 inch
  • Color : Silver
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Package Includes: 1 Prong+2 Prong+4 Prong+6 Prong
  • Easy to Use: The sharp prong is convenient to punch effortlessly and quickly.
Rank No. 5
Citian Leather Hole Punch Tool 4mm 2/4/6 Prong Tooth Lacing Diamond Stitching Chisel Set for DIY...
  • High carbon steel punch, fine polishing, sharp edge.
  • Surface teeth mirror polishing treatment, more smooth, easy to penetrate the leather and pull out.
  • Adopt big hole to discharge waste without clogging.
  • Stitching length : 4 mm Hole diameter of punches : 1 mm 1 set of round hole punch includes 3 punches. Number of teeth : 2/4/6 teeth
  • We try to make the best for you,We are here to give you the best service by providing affordable good tools.
SaleRank No. 6
Cridoz 35 Pcs Leather Stitching Pouch Kit with 4mm Prong Sewing Hole Punch, Leather Sewing Tools,...
  • 35Pcs Leather Sewing Tools: Cridoz leather sewing tools kit includes 4pcs 4mm stitching prong punch (1 Prong/ 2 Prong/ 4 Prong/ 6 Prong), 8 rolls color waxed threads, 1 awl, 1 leather sewing piercing tool, 1 sewing thimble, 1 measuring tape and 19pcs large-eye stitching needles, great for leather craft lovers or beginners
  • 4mm Stitching Chisel: Made of white steel with well polish, the leather stitching punch is durable and smooth, comfortable to hold and helpful to punch quickly and effortlessly with sharp rhombus tooth
  • Hand Sewing Wax Thread: 150D waxed leather thread, lightweight, portable, strong and durable to use. Come with 8 colors and each roll approx.33 yards, 264 yards total
  • Extra Stitching Needles: This leather tool kit come with a variety of needles which including blunted and sharp needles in different lengths. The large-eye needles are made of stainless steel, sturdy enough for leather working, some thick clothes or shoes repair, vinyl upholstery mend
  • Leather Sewing Tools: The handy awl and piercing tools can be used to dig holes, pick lint and loosen the knot, and can be disconnected, tight line, stripping, crimp, rolling, lines, seals, top cut, ideal tools for leather sewing
Rank No. 7
Leather Silent Pliers Carbon Steel Leather Craft Hole Punch Stitching Tools Sewing Chisel for Belts...
  • 【Firm Jaw】The working area of the jaw is calcined, it is firm.
  • 【Easy to Use】The bite can be clamped tightly and gently to force the leather. There is a spring between the handles of the tongs, and it is in a micro-flat state when placed naturally.
  • 【Silent Pliers】The leather punch tool is almost silent when punching, it will not affect others, it is suitable for working in a residential environment without a studio, and it is also labor-saving.
  • 【High Quantity】The handle is made of black foam material, which has a certain anti-slip effect. The clamp body is made of carbon steel and has high hardness.
  • 【Two Styles】Available in two styles for your choice: 4mm-4 teeth, 4mm-2 teeth.
Rank No. 8
WUTA Removable Circle Leather Hole Punch Lacing Stitching Professional Working Hand Tool Kit Round...
  • 💎2 Interchangeable Modes: In the circular chisel mode, the leather holes will shrink, and the sewing effect will be more refined. In the punch mode, the leather holes will be larger and easier to sew. You are free to choose different styles to complete your artwork.
  • 💎High-quality Material: 4Cr13 stainless steel, black smooth electroplating on the surface, acid and corrosion resistance, high hardness and wear resistance, suitable for intensive stamping and long-term leatherworking craft.
  • 💎Unlock A Variety Of Leather Sewing Methods: In addition to traditional saddle stitch, there are Single Stitch, Z Stitch, Baseball/V Stitch, Butt Stitch, Cross Stitch, Box Stitch, French Stitch, etc.
  • 💎Multiple standards: 6 models available(3.0/3.38/3.85/4/5/6mm), work perfectly in your stitching projects. Original and practical design. Not easy to block, leather can come out easily.
  • 💎Package Includes: 4mm 2 prong+4mm 6 prong with 10 pcs round hole heads, 1 L-wrench, and 3 screws. Reusable and save money.
SaleRank No. 9
PLANTIONAL Leather Stitching Sewing Kit: 31PCS Leather Sewing Kit with 4mm Lacing Stitching Chisel,...
  • Leather Repair Kit: Leather Sewing Kit includes 10 x waxed thread, 1 x solid wood awl, 1 x sewing awl, 13 x leather sewing needles,1 x needle bottle,1 x sewing thimble, 1 x yarn scissors, 1 x measuring tape, etc. Rich leather working tools can meet your different needs, very suitable for leather craft lovers and leather craft beginners and skilled people.
  • Sewing Wax Thread: Made of high-quality materials, moderate wax amount, not easy to deform, and durable. Ten colors of wax thread are included in the leather craft repair kit: natural color, black, dark coffee, natural white etc. Each color is 12 meters, and the total length is 120 meters, which is enough to meet your sewing needs.
  • 4 mm Stitching Chisel: Leather stitching kit includes 3pcs 4 mm stitching prong punch (1 Prong/ 2 Prong/ 4 Prong), made of white steel with well polish, the leather stitching punch is durable and smooth, comfortable to hold and helpful to punch quickly and effortlessly with sharp rhombus tooth.
  • Durable Storage Bag: The leather crafting tools kit comes with a storage bag. Very suitable for long time using. Besides, everything you need is included in this leather sewing tools storage bag, stay organized, you don't worry about lose leather sewing craft supplies and Even if you need to go out, you can easily carry this leather stitching kit.
  • Wide Application Range: You can sew wallets, tents, denims, sofas, car seats, sacks, carpets, coats, etc. with this leather sewing kit. With this leather craft repair kit, you can quickly find the tools you need to complete your DIY project, which is convenient and quick.
Rank No. 10
DIUDUS 2/4/6 Prong Punch, Black Leather Prong Punch Tool, 5mm Lacing Stitching Punch, Round Hole...
  • 【Package Includes】Come with three types of leather stitching prong punch, you can choose the size according to your needs.
  • 【Tough and Sturdy】These leather chisels are made of high-strength steel, tough in structure. Uneasy to distort and break.
  • 【Works Great】With the sharp rhombus, it can easily pierce the leather quickly and effortlessly. It can maximally protect the shape of holes on leather to help you stitch a more beautiful line.
  • 【Easy to Use】The pointed prongs of the leather chisel are evenly distributed, helping to create clean and consistent holes on the leather. A polished and smooth handle is comfortable to hold.
  • 【Widely Used】Perfect for punching holes in a precise rectangle shape, It can stamp holes evenly into your leather crafting project, it is optimal for stitching leather.

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